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Martin Burt
Background -----Qualified with VTCT and ITEC ----- Qualifications

Registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) - No.72918
& in the FHT Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register
Member of the International Council of Holistic Therapists
Member of the International Federation of Health and Beauty Therapists
Member of the Professional Association of Clinical Therapists
(The FHT provides for its members an extensive Code of Ethics)
I hold a DBS -previously CRB enhanced disclosure

I specialise in holistic therapies and I address the personal requirements of clients, particularly the effects of occupational stress and health issues.

Background   top

Before being a therapist, I spent 30 years as an applied physicist. My interest in holistic therapy started when my wife at the time was prescribed aromatherapy to help her fight Hodgkin's disease. She received this in St.Michael's Hospice, Basingstoke. Until then, I knew nothing about it. The therapist allowed me to observe for a while and from that time, I could perceive the benefits, allowing the relaxation and giving the body and mind a chance to focus on the issues of healing.

When my wife finally recovered, after a stem-cell transplant in Southampton, I saw the value in continuing with the therapies to help stop the condition recurring. By this time, I was a very stressed individual so rather than just taking my wife to the therapist, I indulged myself. My first aromatherapy blew me away. I drove away feeling so chilled but felt my reactions were heightened. It was a memorable experience that made me feel that I wanted to try doing this myself, if it could have such an effect on stressed people like me!

Some while later, an aromatherapy course at our local adult centre came up, which my wife & I enrolled for. She was not too keen but I thought it was great and asked what I needed to do to qualify and be able to be a therapist. So, I went off to Basingstoke college to do the basic massage course, so that I could then do aromatherapy.

My wife's thin hair struggled to recover from the chemotherapy, so I took the opportunity to learn Indian head massage to help it (which it did according to observers). While learning IHM, I became very aware of something going on with me and my clients that went beyond the physical science that I was used to. I was driven to attending a Reiki course and thus therapies and spiritualism were playing a leading role in my life. While doing the aromatherapy course, I managed to fit in reflexology. This was another eye-opener. How could working on the feet relate to the rest of the body, but hey, it does!

Relaxation and de-stressing, once the purpose of my involvement, began to give way to a broader belief in the ability to help in so many ways with life's everyday issues. The techniques of deep-tissue massage enabled me to realise the benefits to sore muscles and soft-tissue issues of which we all suffer at times. The extension of techniques to people suffering other debilitating illnesses led me to a course in palliative care for the massage therapist, bringing me the full circle back to the hospice environment where my story began.

I now work on patients with cancer!

Recently, I have started work on adults with learning difficulties. This was a whole new challenge and is very rewarding.

Qualifications   top

In descending order:

2016 Building a Tribe on Facebook - 1 FHT
  Benefits of Massage for People With Dementia - 1 FHT
  Aromatherapy and Emotions - 1 FHT
  How Dementia Affects the Brain and It's Impact on your Approach - 1 FHT
  Story Massage - 1 FHT
  Reinforced Reflexology - 2 FHT
  Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults 2011 - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
  The Data Protection Act - 1 DeltaNet
  Fire Safety at Work - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
2015 Diversity and Equality for Managers - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
  Autism Spectrum Conditions - 2 Dimensions UK
  Allergen Awareness - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
  The Data Protection Act - 1 DeltaNet
2014 Common Induction Standards - 10 Dimensions UK
  Values Training - 1 Dimensions UK
  Epilepsy Awareness - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
  Dementia - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
  CPR Basic Life Support - 2 First Response
  Legionella Awareness - 1 First Response
  The Data Protection Act - 1 DeltaNet
  Fire Safety at Work - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
  Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults 2011 - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
  Infection Control - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
  Person Centred Thinking Tools - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
  Equality and Diversity - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
  First Aid - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
  Health & Safety - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
  Fire Safety at Work - 1 CareSheild E-Learning
2013 PTLLS - 20 City & Guilds
  Holistic Appreciation Presentatrion - 3
2012 CPD Counselling Skills - 20 Agored Cymru
2011 CPD How do I Develop My Own Products -1 FHT
  CPD Talking Feet - 1 FHT
  CPD Talking Feet - Home Study - 3 FHT
  CPD Why? - 1 FHT
  CPD The Evolution of Heat - 1 FHT
  CPD Vertical Reflexology - 1 FHT
  CPD Myofascial Release, Structural Integration, Visceral Manipulation and much, much more - 1 FHT
  CPD Frozen Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Dysfunction - 1 FHT
  CPD The Balance Procedure - 1 FHT
2010 CPD Working in the UK Care Home Sector -1 FHT
  CPD Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Practice - 1 FHT
  CPD Acute Back Pain Recovery - 1 FHT
  CPD Myofascial Release: Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain - 1 FHT
2009 Massage and Pregnancy Diploma -10 APNT and Well Mother
  Reiki Master Attunement - 10 School of the Living Light
  Emergency First Aid - 5 Holos
  Anthraposophy seminar - 5 Academy of Anthraposophy
Service Standards - 2 CCHU, Stoke Mandeville
2008 Therapists' Meetings (6) - 6 CCHU, Stoke Mandeville
  Therapists' Study Sessions (4) - 8 CCHU, Stoke Mandeville
  Spritual Anatomy and Healing Part 2 - 10 Lucy Lidell & Sara Thomas
2007 Study Day - Hand Reflexology - 10 St.Wilfrid's Hospice, Chichester
  Study Day - Advanced Foot Reflexology - 10 St.Wilfrid's Hospice, Chichester
  Diploma in Sports Massage ITEC
  The Supplements (1-day course) FLP
2006 Emergency First Aid Appointed Person Holos
2005 CPD Reiki and Addiction - 1 ICM
  CPD Reflexology and the Emotions - 1 ICM
  CPD Remedial Animal Nutrition - 1 ICM
CPD Cancer Care, Selecting Treatments for a GP Practice - 1 ICM
  CPD How Reiki Can Beautify Beauty Treatments and Their Clients - 1 ICM
  CPD Diagnostic Healing Using Your Higher Senses - 1 ICM
  CPD Aromatherapy and AIDS - 1 ICM
  CPD Remedial Animal Nutrition - 1 ICM
  CPD Is Beauty More Than Skin Deep? The Role of Nutrition in Body Health - 1 ICM
  CPD Aromatherapy and Cancer Care - 1 ICM
  CPD The Future of Beauty Therapy - Should Treatments be Funded by the NHS - 1 ICM
  CPD Remedial Animal Nutrition - 1 ICM
  CPD Kinesiology - 1 ICM
  CPD Aromatherapy & Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Therapy for Stroke and Paraplegic Patients - 1 ICM
  CPD The Gentle Touch - An Appreciation of the Gentle Approach to Reflexology - 1 ICM
  CPD Amatsu Medicine - Musculo-Skeletal Correction to Ease Pain - 1 ICM
  Diploma in Body Massage (Remedial Massage) IIHHT - VTCT
  Study Day - Body Image and Sexuality St.Wilfrid's Hospice, Chichester
  Study Day - Anticipatory Grief - Bereavement 1 St.Wilfrid's Hospice, Chichester
  Study Day - Grief in he Elderly - Bereavement 2 St.Wilfrid's Hospice, Chichester
  Study Day - Supporting Grieving Children - Bereavement 3 St.Wilfrid's Hospice, Chichester
  Study Day - Mind Body Medicine and its Application to Practice St.Wilfrid's Hospice, Chichester
  Spritual Anatomy and Healing Lucy Lidell & Sara Thomas
  CPD  Biomechanical Dysfunction - Postural Imbalance and Pain - 1 FHT
  CPD Recognition of Soft Tissue Injury - 1 FHT
  CPD Holistic Therapies and Learning Difficulties - 1 FHT
  CPD Holistic Therapies and Menopause - 1 FHT
  CPD Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Respiratory Conditions - 1 FHT
2004 Certificate in Holistic Palliative Care for Complementary Therapists St.Wilfrid's Hospice, Chichester
  Study Day - Adapting Massage for People with Cancer St.Wilfrid's Hospice, Chichester
  Certificate of Attendance - Deep Tissue Massage BCMB
  Certificate of Attendance - Shiatsu for Massage Practitioners BCMB
  CPD Massage for People with Cancer parts I & II - 10 FHT
  Diploma in Reflexology ITEC
  Diploma in Aromatherapy ITEC
  CPD Indian Head Massage - 1/2 FHT
  CPD  Reflexology and Cancer - 1/2 FHT
  CPD  Complementary Therapies an the NHS - 1/2 FHT
  CPD  Is There Really Such a Thing as a Healthy Person - 1/2 FHT
2003 Reiki Practitioner I & II School of the Living Light
  Diploma Indian Head Massage IIHHT - VTCT
  Certificate Body Massage IIHHT - VTCT
  Diploma in Holistic Massage - Anatomy & Physiology - Professional Conduct & Business Awareness ITEC
2003 An Intensive Business Management Programme for Owner Managers BANDEC
2000 AWE Software Developers Course AWE
1997 The Learning Library Practical Book-Keeping Course The Learning Library
1994 Safety Responsibilities for Line Managers Course ACT Associates
1980 Further Mathematics endorsement to HNC Applied Physics Institute of Physics
1976 Further Electronics endorsement to HNC Applied Physics Institute of Physics
  Applied Optics endorsement to HNC Applied Physics Institute of Physics
1975 HNC Applied Physics - Physics, Mathematics, Applied Physics Institute of Physics
1970 "A"-Level Pure Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry University of Oxford
  Certificate of Proficiency in Use of English University of Oxford
1969 "O"-Level Music University of Oxford
1968 "O"-Level English Language, English Literature, French, Art University of Oxford
1968 "O"-Level History, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry University of Oxford

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