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Background and References
Massage History
Massage has been recorded in various forms for over 5000 years. It is fundamental to our instinct to “rub it better”. The skin is the largest system of the body and carries a mass of sensory nerves, providing both soothing and a means of stimulation.

Various cultures from the ancient Chinese, Japanese and Indians to the Swedes and British have used and developed massage methods and techniques to provide the many benefits, particularly relaxation, soothing muscles and a general feeling of well-being.

During the 20th century, massage has been increasingly founded on good practice and backed by professional bodies, laying down the ethics and conduct for their members and ensuring that clients obtain the best results, with personal modesty preserved at all times.

With an underpinning knowledge of anatomy and physiology, the trained therapist can now confidently tailor a massage to suit the client needs, requirements and longer-term objectives.

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