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Overview  and the Holistic Approach

To consider a person holistically is to consider the whole person in body, mind & spirit (the physical, emotional and spiritual) within the environment of their existence. All aspects of a person’s life affect health, happiness and well-being.

Imbalance in the physical or emotional can arise from the various stresses (imposed or self-imposed) of our modern lifestyles. Holistic therapies aim to redress this balance or maintain a healthy balance, promoting an environment to help the body maintain health or repair itself and complementing orthodox medicine.

Taking time out is important for us all and gives our minds time to consider our position in life, where we are going and where we want to go. Relaxation of body and mind is easier to attain and maintain with regular practice. For many, a more focussed state provides better performance in our demanding work environments, greater achievement and greater ultimate peace of mind, happiness and feeling of well-being.

Apart from the direct benefits and pleasure of relaxation, the various essential oils used in aromatherapy have a broad range of reputed benefits. Remedial therapy can speed the healing of injuries. Posture can be improved as can the muscle problems associated with posture. Scar tissue (internally and externally) can be helped to be more elastic and less adhesive. Even very sick people can be helped to feel better with the gentle approach used in the environment of palliative care.

Traditional (Swedish) Massage < click this link for more info or top

This is a massage that can extend to most of the body and is classically stimulating, making use of various tapotement techniques where applicable. However, it can be adjusted to be more relaxing or to incorporate lymph drainage or other specifics that are required by the individual client. Additional benefits are derived from the carrier oil blend, matched to the individual's requirement.

What the FHT says - Massage
What Embody says - Massage

Aromatherapy Massage < click this link for more info or top

This is a full-body massage that can incorporate facial/head massage and utilises the qualities of essential oils to achieve the beneficial effects. Up to 3 essential oils can be combined to tailor to the requirements of the individual client and this is also combined with the benefits of the carrier oil blended for that individual.

What the FHT says - Aromatherapy
What Embody says - Aromatherapy

Sports Massage < click this link for more info or top

This therapy is specifically designed for the sports performer. There are three aspects to sports massage; warm-up, maintenance & remedial and cool-down.

What the FHT says - Sports Massage
What Embody says - Sports Massage

Remedial Massage < click this link for more info or top

This can be focussed on a specific area to speed recovery from injury or benefit a postural problem, particularly if developed from a lifestyle or work environment. In doing so, great relief from muscle discomfort can be achieved and prevention of quite debilitating conditions. The many techniques of deep-tissue massage are employed to provide relief and subsequent benefit.

What the FHT says - Remedial Massage

Indian Head Massage < click this link for more info or top

This is a Westernised version of the Ayurvedic head massage and provides therapy to the upper arms, neck, face and head. It can be stimulating but also extremely relaxing. It is usually performed with the client sitting and can be through thin clothing, making it non-intrusive and ideal as an on-site therapy. It can also be performed on the skin with a selected carrier oil/blend.

What the FHT says - Indian Head Massage
What Embody says - Indian Head Massage

Reflexology < click this link for more info or top

This is use of pressure on the feet or hands to stimulate organs of the body which lie along the same meridians as the point of application. Thus all parts of the body can benefit. This therapy is usually found to be very relaxing but also refreshing by clients and requires at the most only shoes and socks to be removed.

What the FHT says - Reflexology
What Embody says - Reflexology

Reiki < click this link for more info or top

This is energy therapy. The practitioner acts as a channel for the Universal healing energy. The experience to the receiver is usually the feeling of heat from the practitioner's hands or a buzzing type of tingling. Clients have claimed that the energy has healed many types of conditions, but if not healed then often relief of discomfort is reported.

What the FHT says - Reiki
What Embody says - Reiki

Shiatsu < click this link for more info or top

Shiatsu is the application of pressure to points along the meridians. It deals with the energy flow through these meridians and use is made of stretching exercise to open the energy flow. I can use aspects of Shiatsu as part of a more conventional massage therapy.

What the FHT says - Shiatsu
What Embody says - Shiatsu

Energy Work & Chakra Balancing < click this link for more info or top

Apart from the energy work associated with Shiatsu and stretching, there are other techniques of working with the energy. The skin surface is central to the etheric aura and so gentle touch on the skin is effectively working this aura. Therapies of spiritual anatomy include chakra balancing, aura cleansing, polarity massage and the ancient Indian head massage.

Massage and Energy Work in Palliative Care < click this link for more info or top

The aim in palliative care is to relieve the pain and distress of illness considered to be incurable. The patient could then be empowered to use the time they have to achieve what they feel they need to. Gentle touch/massage can be performed (maybe just on the hands or feet) or energy work or visualisation can be performed. It's important to adapt to the patient and ensure that the focus is purely on them. There is every indication that a very sick person can live longer than expected, as a result, although there must be no false hopes of there being a 'cure'. Holistic therapies are complementary to orthodox medicine.

Massage and Pregnancy < click this link for more info or top

Bodywork has many benefits for all stages of pregnancy and beyond for mother, baby and partner. It's not just massage. Bodywork is a better description, but even this is incomplete. Relevant exercises and self-awareness are included, making this therapy helpful, pleasurable and of long-term value.

What the FHT says - Massage And Pregnancy

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