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Remedial Massage
This therapy uses techniques of greater pressure and depth to pinpoint specific problem areas (deep-tissue techniques) and effect relief from stress, fatigue and injury.

Techniques include stretching and stretching techniques, neuromuscular technique (NMT), soft-tissue release (STR), manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and connective tissue manipulation (CTM).

Remedial massage and techniques for the core of sports massage and can be used as a part of a regular maintenance routine for athletes and sports people. This will reduce the likelihood of injury and helped to keep the athlete at peek performance.

If an injury does occur, remedial massage and techniques will speed recovery and ensure the athlete is back to performing as quickly as possible with he maximum resistance to a repeat of the injury.

Postural problems caused by lifestyle can be addressed.

Remedial massage promotes good physical health.

I intend to expand this entry greatly, especially the techniques mentioned above. Please, watch this space!

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