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Reiki uses healing energy channelled through the practitioner's body to stimulate the client's body to heal itself. The process is held in focus by the practitioner using a shallow state of meditation to visualise the passage of energy from the heavens, through the practitioner to the receiver.

The receiver may be aware of a tingling or heat. Quite how the energy does it's stuff is not scientifically clear. There's little doubt that an alignment of energies appears to occur with the receiver 'tuning in' to the energies of healing. This can happen without the conscious awareness of the receiver, but probably with a deeper subconscious awareness. What does all this mean? It just means empowerment of the receiver to be able to heal themselves more effectively. At the very least, the session gives the receiver time to look inward and allow the body to take stock rather than being continually stressed by normal life.

I intend write a lot on this subject, in the fullness of time. It requires a lot of thought to express it in a way that is acceptable to all, so it will take me a bit of time! Please, bear with me, but for those needing to know, please contact me. That will spur me on!

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