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Lost Weight for Charity!

And then lost some more!

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In support of St.Michael's Hospice, Basingstoke.

I lost weight for charity! Well, for me really, but what better way of ensuring that I went through with it! I used the Forever Living Products Clean 9 pack (download the brochure, if you have broadband: Clean+Lean )

My target day for weighing in was Good Friday 14th April 2006(at 21:00) under the scrutiny of The Turners Arms, Mortimer. This is a very friendly, English pub with customers of a very wide age range.

St.George's Day 23rd April 2006 (20:00) was the weighing out, under the same scrutiny.

Friday 14th April - Weigh-in: 'official' scales 1: 11st 3lb...........scales 2:.70Kg

Unofficial scales (mine): 11st 2lb ............ waist 38"

Well, it's started & I'm dreading most of all having to go without beer for the next 9 days! The diet hinges on a milk shake type of drink, which I'm sure I will hate. I've bought a gallon of skimmed milk ready for it. That's the second thing I'm not looking forward to! Drinking the aloe gel will be OK. I've been doing 3fl oz of that every morning & really look forward to it now. Sod's Law prevails, though. I've had a headache this afternoon (a very rare event for me these days) and not the start I wanted for a diet, but here goes!

Saturday 15th April (21:30)

Unofficial scales (mine): 10st 13lb ............ waist 38"

Didn't feel too good this morning, not up till 9:00 and the muzzy head stayed all day until 20:00, but now it's just about gone! No doubt absolutely nothing to do with the diet. I managed 12 out of the 20 minutes exercise this morning. I thought I would walk up & down stairs, but I'm definitely unfit! I settled for some stretching exercises to relieve tensions (I need a good therapy)! Just after midday, I walked round Silchester. That was well worth it and made me feel better. I heard a skylark & cuckoo and noticed white violets in flower (amongst the other seasonal wild flowers). The 'milk shake' wasn't too bad after all; not too sweet or vanilla-ish. This evening I did a therapy and after that has been the only time when I felt in any way hungry, but now that's passed. Altogether, not a bad day. I shall go to bed soon & try to get up earlier tomorrow!

,/font> Sunday 16th April (21:15)

Unofficial scales (mine): 10st 10lb ............ waist 37"

Got up at 8:45. Head still a bit muzzy but has cleared through the day. I've not felt hungry at all really, perhaps just a bit now. I walked round Silchester again, this time with a very special friend and I followed that with a pint of water in the Turners! Tomorrow will be real food! Should I have it for lunch or dinner? I'm sure that fluid loss is accounting for some of this massive weight loss (6lb!) but I'm drinking like a fish and there's less to grab hold of round my middle. They say that's the worst over with. Strangely, I've not really missed the beer. It's amazing what one can achieve if the mind is focussed on a result.

Monday 17th April (21:30)

Unofficial scales (mine): 10st 9lb ............ waist 37"

Got up at 8:15 and managed 15minutes of exercise. I made the mistake of having lunch too early, so by 16:00 I felt slightly hungry. The muzzy head was still threatening most of the day, but towards evening it just about went away again. I had a proper meal at 18:00 of 2 baked potatos, 4 beetroot & a small tin of tuna (580 Calories the lot). That rather filled me up & I should have split it (with hindsight). I did the walk round Silchester at 19:00 and had a pint of water in the pub. The meal, although early has certainly done the trick & I don't feel at all hungry, now. The weight appears to have levelled off, but I'm hoping to lose some more through the week!

Tuesday 18th April (21:45)

Unofficial scales (mine): 10st 7lb ............ waist 36.5"

Got up at 7 and managed 15minutes of exercise. I went shopping for real food & decided that my 'normal' meal food is quite suitable for this diet. I walked Silchester at about 14:00 and spread my intake better throughout the day. I had 'dinner' at about 18:45. It was breaded haddock with a double portion of 'country' veg. followed by an apple. Even with the slice of bread I had earlier, the total was only 500 calories. I did another circuit of Silchester at about 19:15 (managed to miss the showers). Haven't felt hungry today and haven't even felt like a beer!

Wednesday 19th April (20:00)

Unofficial scales (mine): 10st 7lb ............ waist 36"

I was up even earlier this morning at 6:30. My meals were exactly the same as yesterday (minus the apple). In the morning, I dropped some leaflets in doors (to try and get more sponsors). Late afternoon, I did a therapy and then walked Silchester, before dinner. The weight loss has certainly levelled off (probably a good thing)!

Thursday 20th April (21:30)

Unofficial scales (mine): 10st 6lb ............ waist 35.5"

I was up at 7 ready for a day of 3 therapies. Food today was a slice of bread, a salmon steak, a large carrot & a small baked potato (580Cals the lot). I spread the food even more today. I still managed to walk Silchester just before dusk.

Friday 21st April (21:10)

Unofficial scales (mine): 10st 6lb ............ waist 35.5"

I was up at 8. Food today was a whole tin of skippers on toast and a salmon steak (625 Cals). I spread the food through the day, this time, which may explain why I've made no headway, but as long as I don't put any on! I leaflet dropped this morning and walked with my special friend this afternoon, so I should have lost something, but maybe tomorrow?

Saturday 22nd April (21:10)

Unofficial scales (mine): 10st 5lb ............ waist 35.5"

I was up at 8. Food today was 2 pieces of toast, 2 pears and 1 baked potato with prawns (600Cal). The weight is still edging down, but I think this is about it now! I'm hoping for an official 12lb, but I should at least meet my original goal of 10lb on the day. I have to say that I am now looking forward to an unhealthy meal, a cup of tea and a pint of beer, now! I think 120Cal of my food tomorrow will be a 1/2pint at lunctime! I managed 2 walks round Silchester today, but I felt a little tired today so the energy burning was no doubt reserved.

Sunday 23rd April (21:00) - Weigh-out: 'official' scales 1: 10st 4.5lb...........scales 2:.64Kg

Unofficial scales (mine): 10st 3lb ............ waist 35"

Up at 8 and consumed about 600Cal for the day (including the 1/2 pint of beer at lunchtime). Didn't manage a walk round Silchester today but had a therapy to do.

Being fair to sponsors, I can claim:
12lb Loss!
3" Lost on Waist!

The Forever Living Products Clean 9 pack (download the brochure, if you have broadband: Clean+Lean )

Many thanks to my sponsors

I had 27 sponsors and collected £267 for the hospice! (Wish it could have been more but it's something and credit to those who supported me, especially at The Turners Arms!

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So, not a bad result really. I feel that I could do with a bit more loss, so I shall give it a rest for a week or 2 & then hopefully the final 7 lbs will be easy.

I was pleased with the loss, but I wanted to lose even more! I gave it a few weeks & then did it again. The continuing story..........

Wednesday 10th May (8:00) - Weigh-in: - Here we go again!

My scales: 10st 3lb ............ waist 35"

Well, on the face of it, I'm the same weight as my last weigh out, but that was done in the evening with clothes. this time it's the morning, without clothes! I had put on a couple of pounds but then taken them off again, but I've just been away for a couple of days & inevitably over-indulged (even consuming half my fiancée's breakfast)! So, not too bad by way of maintaining the previous weight loss, overall. My objective is to loose another 10lbs & then be able to hover between 9st 7lbs & 9st 12lbs. I'm going to try the soya milk, this time, to make the 'shakes'. I've taken the garcinia already, so I'd best go get it!

Thursday 11th May (8:00)

My scales: 10st 2lb ............ waist 35"

Still feeling muzzy from the optical migraine and disappointed not to have lost more. I have also felt a bit hungry, but then that's the problem if things don't go as planned.

Friday 12th May (8:00)

My scales: 10st 1lb ............ waist 35"

Well, I'm over the worst, but very disappointed about the loss this time! Perhaps I'm learning something about my body, though. at least today I'm on real food. I've split the main meal and intend to have fish on toast fr breakfast (244Cal) and a baked potato with raw carrot for dinner. I managed to keep the exercise going yesterday (2walks round Silchester again) but today I feel a bit 'beaten up'. Still the effects of the migraine, I think.

Saturday 13th May (8:00)

My scales: 10st 1lb ............ waist 35"

Still disappointing. I feel that I'm consuming very little but have come to a halt with the weight loss! I feel beter though and still managed the 2 walks yesterday, even though they were a bit of an effort.

Sunday 14th May (8:00)

My scales: 10st ................. waist 35"

Finally hit the 10st mark. I'm still disappointed, but at least it is going down. Yesterday was a good day and I spent an hour leaflet dropping. I'm maintaining the fish on toast for breakfast. This has been a good start for me for some years now & no doubt my body seriously misses this. Strangely, these last 2 days when I've felt better have found me feeling less hungry, as well. Strange that when I was losing little or no weight, I felt more hungry!
On balance, I've been doing more exercise and perhaps I've improved muscle density. Of course, muscle weighs heavier than fat, so maybe the result isn't too bad. I feel in better shape, but still feel that there's lots to loose.

Monday 15th May (10:00)

My scales: 9st 13lb................. waist 35"

Late up today, but finally broken the 10st mark. I feel better for doing that! I managed to go over the 600Cal yesterday, purely without intent. I had 750! That's what comes from going shopping. It was the apple & pear that made the bigest difference. I had fish on toast for breakfast, salmon & double portion of veg plus the apple & pear. At least I still lost, but greater caution today. I have lots to do & being late up, I'll probably miss the walks. I'm still doing exercises, though. I want to look trimmer, not just loose the weight. I generally felt a lot better yesterday & so far feel better today.

Tuesday 16th May (8:00)

My scales: 9st 12lb................. waist 35"

I managed to lose another pound yesterday, but had to spend several hours in the pub with slimline tonics & cranberry J2Os! that meant I didn't have any veg with my salmon! Felt quite good yesterday, though.

Wednesday 17th May (8:30)

My scales: 9st 12lb................. waist 35"

I felt really good yesterday but didn't lose any more weight and my waistline appears stuck! I had 2 good walks round Silchester and felt really fit. Fish on toast for breakfast and chicken/veg stirfry for dinner, about 650Cals altogether (still too many really but not so bad).

Thursday 18th May (8:30)

My scales: 9st 12lb................. waist 35"

I felt good again yesterday but didn't lose any more weight again! My waist is absolutely static, as well. Food was the same as the day before, in the main.

Friday 19th May (8:30)

My scales: 9st 11lb................. waist 34.5"

I felt good yesterday again and finally on the last day shown a further pound loss & even a bit on the waist! That's:

6lb Loss!
Well, that's only half what I did before, but allowing for the 2lb I put back on in between, that's still:
1st 2lb Loss
in 1month 4days!
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So, why did I not lose as much this time? There could be a number of reasons (but bear in mind that 6lb in 9 days is still very significant). Maybe I didn't have it to lose, this time. I wasn't actually overweight, as before. I think the body only tolerates so much and then puts up a fight. The residual fat may be tougher for the body to get rid of. My metabolism may have been lower for some reason. The optical migraine at the start could indicate a lower burn-off capability. Maybe I should have had a bigger space between sessions.

I did more exercise, which may have turned some fat to muscle (hopefully!) which weighs heavier than fat. I can walk round Silchester with ease & not feel that my body is under stress. No doubt I need to push the effort in order to be burning more away.

The bottom line is that I've made the 9st 7lb to 9st 12lb bracket where I wanted to be and I feel incredibly better for the whole experience. I need to consolidate this now by keeping up the exercise (& increasing it) and being careful about my diet (at all times - One can still enjoy oneself but still remain conscious of pigging on the wrong things).

During this diet I felt more hungry than before, but this just goes to show that when feeling hungry, the body does not necessarily need the intake. Of course I have become a more content person, by feeling better as a result of the diet but also because of incredibly wonderful things happening in my personal life. This is always a time when it's too easy to put on weight & over-indulge. I've learnt a lot about my body and I'm more conscious of it in a beneficial way.

I intend to continue with a weekly entry as to how I'm going. I can strongly recommend this diet regime and I let the results speak for themselves.

UPDATE 11th June 2007

Well, I didn't keep up the weekly updates - life overtook etc (You know how it is)! Since the above, I've moved, lived in a pub, eaten badly and moved again. In brief, though, my weight at worst only went up to 10st 8lb and now, with just more careful eating is back to 9st 12lb. I think this shows that a diet regime can still be of value and sets a standard that is easier to maintain, even without the need to revisit the diet as such.

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