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Reference G9 Review

K Mason, Thoughts that Harm, Thoughts that Heal, 1st Ed., 2000, Piatkus, ISBN 0-7499-2078-5 --- PPPPP


There are 216 Pages.

This book is arranged in 2 Parts:

Part 1 builds, in readable sections a rationale for thought being central and fundamental to everything and through time and space. Chapters are as folows:

  1. A More Natural Approach
  2. Starting Anew
  3. It's All Elementary
  4. The Power of Thought
  5. More Thoughts About Thought
  6. The Correct Train of Thought

The final 2 paragraphs are: Getting Rid of the Cause and Visualising Yourself Well.

The value of visualisation is expressed and the symbolism of taking a train journey and leaving your passed concerns far away before travelling back home.

The concept of purpose is developed, order and disorder and the nature of the effect of thought (both positive and negative) are brought into perspective.

The chapters build into a rationale by considering experiences and physics in experiment and theory.

There are a number of significant philosophies expounded. One such is: ......the human body and it's cells must have a purpose in their lives............. the little cells that can heal and reproduce healthy cells must also share that purpose; it's a mind-body thing. If someone loses sight of their own purpose in life, the cells that make up their body will have no purpose and there will be no requirement for their existence to carry out bodily functions. Illness will then proliferate.

Part 2 gives an A-Z of common ailments from a computer database developed from the author's decades of experience in the complementary field. For each complaint, a brief explanation is given, treatment by natural means as appropriate and the character traits that could be preventing healing, as well as the anxieties held onto from past experiences

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The book looks at all aspects of existence, life and proliferation, down to the atomic level; maybe, the true essence of 'complementary'. Study has to break things into 'understandable' chunks and models, but the overall view must not be ignored, even if difficult to perceive. The theme of this book is the importance of thought, that possible something that transcends space and time and the binding force that provides the purpose of life and elements of life and physical being.

The book is well written and deals successfully with the most difficult of concepts in a lucid way that is understandable at all levels.

The notion is presented that thought will become fulfilled whether negative or positive. Thoughts even from the distant past still affect our present and future in a physical way, directly affecting our bodies ability to defeat illness.

The way this book is put together makes for an easy read, even when touching on probability and quantum physics. The notion of prevailing unity has great appeal to me as an ex-applied physicist and now a holistic therapist.

Part 2 provides a wealth of insight, not only into the nature and causes of common complaints but how they can be treated in a complementary way and how thoughts, hang-ups and past experience can unlock the body's self-healing ability.

The aspects of character related to various conditions are easily aligned with people we know, sometimes with astonishing accuracy and sometimes to ourselves!

This is a great book by a great author and can be of great value to us all in some way, thus highly recommended!

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