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Reference P1 Review

J Barraclough, Integrated Cancer Care, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-263095-4 ---  PPPPP


The book aims to contribute to greater understanding between orthodox healthcare professionals and complementary therapy.

Part I is background of the holistic approach and provision within state-funded systems.

Part II describes a range of specific therapies described by therapists who are working in hospitals, hospices or independently.

Part III addresses delivering and receiving therapies in healthcare discipline and settings.

The book is a collection from various contributors. It starts with an overview of complementary therapies in cancer care, giving history, perspective, aspects of integration and the benefits of evaluation and improved integration. There are sections on principles, patient assessment, research, personal experience/view and planning issues.

Therapies looked into are: acupuncture, aromatherapy, art, poetry, nutrition, holisticism, homeopathy, music, hypnosis, relaxation, imagery, meditation and psycho-spiritualism. There are perspectives from patients, surgeons, nurses etc and the issues of integration.

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The book appears intended for healthcare professionals but is a great insight for complementary therapists wishing to integrate with the orthodox.

This is a really excellent and well researched work, giving many references. It provides a genuine focus for all those involved (or hoping to be) in cancer care and an unbiased approach to the major issues of integration.

It presents the arguments in an authoritative manner that provides food for thought for us all, from whatever perspective we are approaching. From the therapist’s view, it is good to know that the editor comes from a doctor’s background, as do many of the contributors. The inputs from nurses and patients are also compelling.

To have such a well referenced work with such convincing integration makes this book a major statement with which to move forward – Excellent!

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